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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer, piano- and violin virtuoso. Today, many people regard him as the most significant and popular artist in the history of classical music. Despite his early death, he created an extensive collection of compositions, which enjoys great popularity among classical music lovers around the world.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg in 1756, but lived in Vienna at the peak of his career, which was also home for many of his fellow musicians and composers.

He had received music lessons from his father Leopold at the age of four and learned the fine art of composition in addition to mastering the violin and the piano. He was only five when his first works were already finished and one year later Amadeus started visiting the most important cities in Europe, being celebrated as “Wunderkind" (prodigy).

From 1769 to 1781 he was the concertmaster at the diocesan town in Salzburg and made numerous journeys throughout the continent, before settling down in Vienna. His father Leopold had his doubts whether his son would be able to overcome the challenges in a big city like Vienna, but Amadeus tried to calm him in one of his letters saying: "I assure you that this place is gorgeous - and for my profession it is the best place in the world". And indeed, Vienna was the place where he created most of his famous operas: "The Marriage of Figaro", "Don Giovanni", "Cosi fan tutte" and the famous "Magic Flute".