About us

Where the extensive green of the 65,000 m² large city park verges on the historical Ringstraße one of Vienna’s most enchanting buildings was constructed in Italian Renaissance style: the Kursalon.

As the name of the palace might still suggest, the Kursalon was originally intended as a spa resort – but with first dance events and promenade concerts the magnificent building quickly grew into a vibrant hotspot in the heart of Vienna.

Till this day the waltz enchantment and zest for life are celebrated at the Kursalon – thanks to no other than ‘The Waltz King’ Johann Strauss Sohn himself who celebrated his first great successes as concertmaster in our halls.

From the concert hall, where Strauss directed his orchestra from the position of first violin, visitors can feast their eyes on the famous golden statue that was put up in his memory in 1921 and arguably became the most photographed Viennese monument.

The Lanner Hall, which is located on Kursalon’s upper floor, is named after Strauss’ longtime friend and his underestimated musical rival Joseph Lanner. With its festive ceiling and dazzling lighting this magnificent room is the palace’s heart and the impressive main concert hall of our house.

In the Lanner Hall one of the best known interpreters of classical Viennese music performs daily: Under the direction of Professor Udo Zwölfer the Salonorchester Alt Wien presents an evening full of Viennese charm with the spirited sound of Waltzes, Polkas, Arias and Duets as well as Operetta and Piano concerto melodies. Accompanied by excellent opera vocalists and our enchanting ballet soloists the Salonorchester reveals to spectators the Viennese classics through captivating performances.