Concert & Sightseeing

Concert & Sightseeing

Anyone who comes to Vienna knows that the city embodies the classical music of its composers and the unique architecture which reflects the rich history and the imperial image of the former Habsburg Monarchy.

In co-operation with Big Bus, we are pleased to introduce our concert & sightseeing packages, which will take you to the jewels of the Austrian capital. Enjoy an authentic Strauss & Mozart concert in the extravagant concert halls of Kursalon and explore the sights of Vienna in a comfortable double decker bus.

Included services:

- Strauss & Mozart Concert in Kursalon Vienna
- Ticket for both Hop-On Hop-Off tours from Big Bus Vienna (valid for 48 hours)
- Guided city tour through the city center of Vienna
- Live guided Night Tour along the Ringstrasse to the Prater and back

In addition to the unforgettable concert experience, the package offers the opportunity to discover the most beautiful attractions in Vienna within 48 hours. Let yourself be captivated by the impressive Viennese architecture and enjoy the guided tour through the historical city center (1.5 hours), which will bring you closer to the life of the Habsburgs and the world-famous composers. A live guided Night Tour, which is also included, presents the wonderfully illuminated buildings from a unique perspective (approx. 1 hour).

During the tour, you can hop off the bus at any time to explore the sights you are especially interested in before you continue with the tour (Attention: Not possible for live guided Night Tour).

Further information about the tour can be found on the website of our partner Big Bus.

Available Categories:

Concert & Sightseeing Package – Cat. VIP € 124,00
Concert & Sightseeing Package – Cat. A € 96,00 (Children: € 68,00)
Concert & Sightseeing Package – Cat. B € 87,00 (Children: € 61,00)
Concert & Sightseeing Package – Cat. C € 73,00 (Children: € 51,00)